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Self-Service Data Analytics Made Easy

Ready to transform the way your team works with data?

Click here for an exclusive invite to your private demo channel and discover the future of analytics collaboration with Retriever.

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No complex queries or coding required – just ask, and Retriever delivers.

Introducing Retriever, an innovative analytics tool that transforms how you work with data directly in Slack and Teams.

Now you can explore, analyze, and create visualizations easier than ever before.

Whether a data pro or a novice, Retriever empowers you to access, download, and share data effortlessly.

Need a new data table or visualization to display your insights?  Just tell the Retriever what you need in natural language. It's that simple.

Retriever doesn't aim to replace your existing BI tools. It's here to complement them, fostering unparalleled collaboration within and between teams.

With Retriever, teams can make informed decisions faster, enhancing productivity and fostering a culture of data-driven collaboration.

Why Choose Retriever?

Retriever is more than just another analytics tool—it's your personal AI analytics concierge, ready to help your team get the data and insights they need.

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That Empower You

Effortless Data Retrieval

Say goodbye to the frustration of data engineering bottlenecks. Retriever makes accessing data as simple as asking.

In-Depth Breakdown of Metrics 

Demystify the meaning of metrics in your database with Retriever's comprehensive explanations, helping you grasp the nuances of your data effortlessly.

Simplified Analytics 

Calculating averages, trends, or complex metrics has never been easier. Retriever guides you through the steps of data analysis, transforming complex processes into straightforward tasks.

Enhanced Collaboration

Seamlessly integrate Retriever into your existing collaboration platform, facilitating the sharing of insights and analyses. With Retriever, everyone can contribute, discuss, and make decisions based on shared data insights.

Get in Touch

Retriever, is a cutting-edge product of Signovus, the premier Data Science as a Service (DSaaS) provider delivering custom analytics solutions through a suite of proprietary software and advisory services. 

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At Signovus, our mission is to make data analytics accessible for organizations of all sizes. We help companies centralize analytics, own IP, eliminate pain points, provide impactful insights, and enhance data-driven decisions.

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